We think there is no one who can claim to be no:1 company. Every company has their own strength. Some company are good at designing part or some at development part. If we talk about Web Design, this term generally includes Website Design, Development, Content Creation, Graphics, and finally website deployment.

Yes, Web Design is not something easy to perform. It also depends on the client that what exactly they are looking for. For example, some clients say they need a website and they don't have much information like content they want to put on site or images or videos or text content and so on. In that case, web design includes website designing, content creation, content management on site and finally getting live the website. So that's how a Website Designing cost decide.

Website designing cost also depends on the resources on which the site were made. Like domain, hosting service, SSL Certificate and any other thing which were require to build the website. There are basically following charges required for website designing:

  • Domain ( Approx: 1000 INR / Year ).
  • Hosting Service: It depends on the site features, hosting pricing starts from Min 3000 INR/Year. 
  • SSL Certificate, this is also an important thing which requires for websites. SSL certificate opens your site with https. It's pricing starts from 3500 INR/Year.
  • Web Designing Charge. It depends on the company. Each company has their own pricing plans.

So that's how a web designing cost calculates. Usually Web designing company charges 10k - 20K for a Single Website per year. To know more about Web Designing Cost and what we can offer you at WebFlairs visit our Web Designing Service.