Yes, we can help you in generating Leads online for your Network Marketing Business. Now when we talk about to hire someone there are many questions pop up. Not to worry, we'll try to answer frequently asked question about online lead generation for Network Marketing Business. There are few questions below:

Q:1 What's your first step in Generating the Leads?

Answer: First we understand you network marketing business that how it works and what benefits possibly a customer get if he/she joins you. To know more about this we explore your product range and services then we start building our marketing strategy.

Q:2 How do you generate leads online?

Answer: We do Online Advertising Campaigning on Facebook to generate leads. We create a Facebook Business Page for you and start Paid Campaigning to your desired customer locations. We optimize these campaigns daily to enhance the outcome.

Q:3 How many leads we can get and what will be the service charges?

Answer: The quantity of leads are flexible and it depends on your marketing budget. Usually you get Approx 10 Leads and that cost you around 2000 INR including our services charges and Tax. Yes, it's very affordable and great.

Q:4 How genuine the leads will be? And what we get as in the leads?

Answer: The leads are very effective and you get your potential customer's Name and Phone Number directly. The data is not just collected by Facebook itself. We design a Ad about your product and Services and the interested customers apply on the Ad, once he/she apply on the ad, the lead will be captured itself. That means a potential customer sees your ad and hit "Apply Now". Then you get the lead.

Q:5 How much time it take to start generating leads?

Answer: It takes most probably 48 to 72 hours after you signup with us for the service.

To know more about this whole process and what other option we have to generate leads online, you can visit our service Online Lead Generation