Browser Level 100 means showing 100 Search results once a time when you search something on Google on Chrome Browser. Yes we are talking about Chrome Browser here. It's developed by Google.
We recommend Chrome Browser to perform all Digital Marketing activities to get best results. Let us show you what does actually mean by Browser Level 100 and how do we activate that.

Open your Chrome Browser and type in something in Google and hit enter. You will see many search results comes up, but you are still seeing the search results on 1st page Google. There are 9 more pages having the search results. To check the other pages, scroll down to bottom and see the pages options. Check the Image below:

Now, when you click on any number you will go to that particular page.

So, what we're trying to do here is when we search something on Google all of the search results should be on 1st page. Each Page has 10 Results so all results will be 10*10 = 100.

To enable this setting, now go to the top of page and you will see the "settings" tab. Click on it and then click on "Search Settings".

Once you hit the search settings you will the see the "Results per Page" and now you need to set it 100 and then go to the bottom and hit "Save". 

Once it done, you can try to search anything and you will see your browser now showing the 100 result on single page.